Class Information

8th Grade Science

This is an introduction to physical science with some engineering sprinkled in throughout the year. We will be covering topics in both Chemistry and Physics. 

Airdrop – designing a parachute system to safely drop supplies.
Chemistry Superpowers – create a character with superpowers to solve a local problem
Magnet Mission – design a toy and instructional guide that teaches about magnetic forces.
Innovative Waves – Use what you learn about waves to advise a new school about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

For more information you can view the class syllabus.

7th/8th Leadership (one semester)

Principles of Leadership 7/8 is an elective course designed to give students the opportunity to learn ways in which they can become effective leaders in their community, school, family and personal relationships. This course is based on a servant-leadership approach to leading others; specifically, the Character Strong curriculum developed by John Norlin. Students will be encouraged to develop their own character and leadership.
For more information you can view the class syllabus.

Advanced Leadership (full year)

Advanced Leadership is an elective course where students step into the role of effective leadership. This course is based on a servant-leadership approach to leading others. Through this course students will learn that anyone can be a leader. I firmly believe that anytime there are two or more people together there is an opportunity for leadership. It is all about relationships! We are going to be working together on a variety of projects to support the MVMS community throughout the year to practice our leadership skills.

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