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Mr. Paul Johnson

Director of Instrumental Music, Maple View Middle School

Voice Mail: 425-413-3290, x9010 Email: [email protected]

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, 

Welcome to the start of the 2021-22 school year! Below is the information you will need in order to have a successful start on Sept.1st. 

If your child has not yet signed up for our Instrumental Music Google Classroom, please do so soon. Please check his or her schedule on Skyward, then be sure to enroll your child in the appropriate class below. 

Looking forward to meeting you in class next week! 


Mr. Johnson

0 Period 6th Grade Homeroom

1st Period Advanced  Band

2nd Period Beginning Band

3rd Period Int/Adv Orchestra

4th Period Intermediate Band

5th Period Beginning Orchestra

6th Period Beginning Band


Hello students! I am very excited to help you grow as a musician in knowledge and skill. I encourage you to listen to professionals play your chosen instrument, get extra music and set aside some daily practice time. I think you will be amazed as you hear your improvement!
I especially want to extend a welcome to our beginning students who have not played a band or orchestra instrument yet. I look forward to helping you learn to play the instrument you want to learn!

Here are some tips on choosing an instrument:
1. Choose an instrument you like the sound of when it is played well.
You will be spending time with your instrument every day and it makes it a lot more motivating if you like the sound of it. Click the link for very good demonstration videos on every instrument and for good overall information on why playing an instrument is such a good choice:

2. Choose an instrument that is a size you like.
If you like some different and bigger, then maybe you should consider the string bass or cello in the orchestra or the trombone, euphonium or tuba in the band. 

3. Don't choose an instrument because it seems hard or because it seems easy.

There are a couple of exceptions, but most instruments have easy parts and hard parts to them.

4. Don't choose an instrument because your friend wants you to play it. 
Is your friend going to practice for you? What if this friend moves away? Again, choose an instrument you relate to and that YOU like! : )
Be patient with yourself and really try to apply what I (or another good teacher) pass on to you. You will learn to play!

There are several ways for you to acquire an instrument. I will cover those later and that information is in the Handbook.

We will have playing and written tests in all classes. But please remember, all of these tests are designed to help you grow as a musician, and I will give you plenty of notice. I give students a full week notice at least, but usually two or three week's notice about upcoming tests. I will talk about it in class often, have you play through it as a group, send you an email about it and will post it in our Google Classroom.

As a reminder, Google Classroom is not a gradebook. I will hear you play in class so I can give you immediate feedback. However, if this is not possible and you have to turn in a video recording, I will give you written feedback when I listen to it.  You will need to check Skyward for scores and grades. Click the Class Information link along the left for our Band or Orchestra Handbook and other important information about our class.

Parents and Guardians

Welcome! First of all, thank you for entrusting me with the opportunity to help your child grow as a musician. I am a lifelong musician myself and I love sharing what I can with my students. 

Please look through the
Band or Orchestra Handbook, as it contains information regarding most every question you may initially have:
  Where/how to acquire an instrument
  When students need to have an instrument
  Grading information
  Performance dates, concert dress and more!
I will pass the Handbook out to your students on the first day of school, but you can find the link to it under the Class Information tab on the left of this webpage.

We generally have four or five playing and written tests throughout the year. I will let you know about them through email, but will also post all test details in Google Classroom, which all students in my classes have access to from any device. 
However, please be aware that Google Classroom is not a gradebook. For grades and missing assignments, please check Skyward

Please send me an email here if you have any questions about your child's involvement in the Band or Orchestra program here at MVMS! I am happy to answer them for you. Thank you!


Paul Johnson
MVMS Band and Orchestra Director
MA in Conducting, American Band College

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